Monday, August 20, 2007

DADWA meeting with the committee for formation of DHS on 17-8-07

DADWA attended the meeting of the committee constituted by GNCTD for formation of DHS on 17-8-07 at 10:30 AM.

It was chaired by the Special Secretary (H&FW).

The draft rules for DHS as circulated along with the meeting notice were discussed.

(This draft was discussed in the steering committee of DADWA held on 16-8-07 at IMA Hall at 4 PM which formed the basis of the views expressed in the meeting by the team of DADWA viz. the Secretary, the President and the Chairman of Steering Committee.)

The committee went into the draft para by para and discussed all contentious issues.

The leave/deputation/training reserve is agreed to be increased to 10% sub-cadre wise, contractual appointees in Delhi would be regularized as per GOI guidelines and in consultation with UPSC. 

DADWA however opposed grant of seniority from retrospect.

The HAG posts were conspicuous by their absence in the DHS draft rules.

 It was decided to incorporate these posts as in CHS.

The Schedule II containing the cadre posts of DHS was not discussed as it was not ready. This would come up later for discussion.

GOI nominee insisted that the option should be exercised by 1st week of Sept.

 DADWA and Specialist Association opposed it stating that the rules are to be notified first.

DADWA pointed out that minutes of meeting held on 1-3-07 in chamber of HM were the reference points and should be adhered.

The chair agreed.

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Dr Marwah